Prevent basement water damage

Let’s face it, your basement is surrounded by water. The soil around your basement is excellent at retaining water. This can start to become a major problem in rainy seasons when the soil starts retaining more and more moisture. As water continues to saturate the soil more and more the water will begin to search for areas of lesser resistance like hairline cracks in your basement.

The concrete surrounding your basement can slowly erode from water damage and start to cause leaks. Just a little drop of water here and there will quickly start to rot out fiber ceiling tiles. Your ceiling tiles may already be taking on water damage without any notice, and by the time the leak is discovered your ceiling tiles may remain damp and waterlogged creating a perfect environment for mildew, mold and dangerous bacteria.

An easy and pain-free solution to this problem is to install ceiling tiles that are waterproof and mold proof. Genesis Ceiling Tiles are PVC and are waterproof, rust proof, and mold and bacteria resistant. They are available in many decorative styles and colors. You will never have to replace your ceiling tiles again! For more information on Genesis Ceiling Tiles for your basement or home visit

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