Preventable Water Damage

On the tenth of may this year an elementary school in Cleveland, Ohio had a major pipeline break which caused extensive structural damage to the building. The principal’s office and nine other classrooms were damaged the worst by this water supply line burst. The waterline ran along the exterior ceiling of the classrooms and offices hit and caused all the ceiling tiles to waterlag, sag and ultimately collapse. The damage was extensive.

Though incidents like this do happen a large portion of the damage caused was preventable. If the school had purchased waterproof ceiling tiles and waterproof and corrosion proof grid available at our website the repairs would have been non-structural and been strictly limited to electrical and carpet damage. A huge cost of repairs could have been prevented.

Sadly flooding like this happens dozens of times each year to schools, restaurants, and stores ect. but it’s never to late to upgrade your ceiling tiles and grid to our waterproof, rust proof, bacteria proof and corrosion proof grid and ceiling tiles.

Never replace your ceiling tiles again! For more information visit

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May 21, 2012 · 10:28 pm

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