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How-To: Installing Diverters and Deflectors


Our Deflectors are used to keep dirt and moisture from vents from blowing directly on your ceiling tiles causing them to get dirty and need cleaning.

To install a deflector simply push your vent up into the grid and out of the way. Next bring in your deflector at an angle making it easy to slide into the grid between the grid and vent. When you have the deflector in place, pull your vent back down securing the vent and deflector. 


Our deflectors are 1 piece units and come in White and Black.

Installing Air Diverters:

Air Diverters are used to divert air from the vent in a specific direction that you want. They are applied the same way as the Deflectors. Our Diverters come in White and Black and Side to Side or Angle. 

For more information on Air Diverters and Deflectors and product pricing visit New Ceiling Tiles.


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How-To: Installing Grid Covers

Our Grid Covers are very easy to install. There are two types of grid cover:

The Main Grid Covers come pre-notched to fit the cross T’s sections and and are 4′.


The Cross T’s covers come in 2′ and 4′ sections and are applied to fill in the gaps from the Main Grid Cover.

To apply covers on your grid simply snap the cover on with the wider lip first. 


That’s all there is to it, for more information and where to purchase visit New Ceiling Tiles.

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Ceiling Tile Collapse in De Pere

A building full of workers at De Pere, Wisconsin were evacuted recently due to a water heater accident. Officials say a water heater on the third floor failed, forcing many ceiling tiles to collapse, and pouring water onto the floor. Many room were damaged along with property. 

Water heater accidents are fairly common and 9 out of 10 times when it happens the fiber ceiling tiles always give way causing most of the damage.

Our ceiling tiles are 100% waterproof, they will never give way to water. They won’t water spot or sag, and they won’t harrness bad bacterias and mold.

Head over to for more information on our waterproof ceiling tiles and other products.

Original Article Here

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Costly Mold Repairs

CLAREMONT, California – “The California Occupational Safety and Health Administration is expected to close an investigation by early July into mold being found in a Claremont High School classroom.”

“Claremont Unified School District officials received a complaint earlier this year of water leaking in a classroom and falling ceiling tiles, said Kevin Ward, assistant superintendent of human resources. Workers found and removed a section of mold above a classroom’s dropped-tile ceiling as well as paint that was believed to be lead-based, Ward said.”

Schools, hospitals, businesses and even sometimes homes are being investigated more and more and forced to spend big bucks on replacing ceiling tiles due to moisture build up causing dangerous mold. Don’t let this happen to you, don’t let your building become a harbinger for dangerous molds.

Our ceiling tiles are 100% waterproof, which means you will never have mold. You will never have water damage and rust. Your ceiling tiles will never sag and fall.

To learn more about our products visit New Ceiling Tiles.

Original Article Here.

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Just an update, head on over to New Ceiling Tiles to check out the new look. We will also be getting a testimonial page as soon as it’s finished. Stay tuned for new posts.

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