PVC vs Acoustical Ceiling Tiles

Questions have come up on what the difference is between our PVC tiles and acoustical tiles. Acoustical ceiling tiles are fiber board tiles with small pours (holes) covering them for noise reduction. They are made out of fiber and over time will accumulate moisture causing the tiles to sag, rot, and mold. Over a short period of time you will notice that the tiles acoustical quality and noise reduction have reduced as the pours will fill with dirt and dust. Since there is no way to clean a fiber ceiling tile without damaging it the only option is to replace your tiles. This can become very costly as tiles need to be replaced.

Our PVC tiles are Polyvinyl Chloride (Plastic) and will never rot or sag and will not become harbingers of dangerous molds and mildews. Cleaning them is as easy as wiping the tile down. They will never have to replaced.


Why continue to spend money on something you can do once and be done with? Our Ceilings will save you money!

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