Ceiling Tile Fan

Need to install a fan and have ceiling tiles but no room for a traditional fan? We now offer ceiling tile fans that distribute air over 144 square feet. It has low energy consumption  and is ultra quiet. It is designed to fit a standard 2′ x 2′ suspended ceiling. We offer a 3 speed fan with  wireless remote control or a 2 speed fan with a wall control for multiple units – up to 20!

Only 1 wall controll is required for the 2 speed fan, it will control up to 20 units. Only 1 wireless controller required for the 3 speed fan. Additional 3 speed fans are remote controlled by a single infrared remote.


Ceiling Tile Fan Features:

  • Each fan distributes air over 144 sqft.
  • Low Energy  Consumption
  • UL Listed
  • Ultra quiet
  • Designed to fit a standard 2’x2′ (24″x24″) suspended ceiling
  • Low profile design
  • 3 speed fan with wireless remote control
  • 2 speed fans with wall control for multiple

For more information on the Ceiling Tile Fan and other products visit New Ceiling Tiles

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