What is PVC?

  • What is PVC?

PVC, or Polyvinyl chloride, is the third-most widely produced plastic. PVC is perfect for construction applications because it is more effective than traditional materials such as copper, iron or wood. PVC has a high hardness and is very impact resistant. PVC’s relatively low cost, biological and chemical resistance and workability have resulted in it being used for a wide veriety of applications. PVC demand is likely to increase at an average annual rate of 3.9% over the next years.



  • What makes PVC a good material for Ceiling Tiles?

PVC is vastly superior to traditional materials used in ceiling tiles. PVC Ceiling Tiles are 100% waterproof and 100% sag proof. Because PVC Ceiling Tiles never sag or rust, they would never have to be replaced. The materials used in Acoustical Tiles such as fiberboard are known to contain dangerous materials like Asbestos. As acoustical tiles absorb water, they will start to become a harbor for dangerous molds and mildews. PVC repels water, never sags or rusts and will never need to be replaced.


  • Is PVC as safe as other more traditional ceiling tile materials?

PVC has Class A flame spread and smoke developed index that’s approved for all commercial kitchens and dining areas.



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