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The Benefits of a Finished Basement

Finishing off a home’s basement is a great investment and can give a family some much needed space. Fineshed basements are in high demand all over the country and are not only adding extra space for you and your family, but are also adding value which can result in a 150 percent return when it comes time to sell.

A common mistake when fineshing a basement is purchasing the wrong building materials. A basement can get very damp and moist and cause water damage to materials that are not waterproof such as fiber ceiling tiles. Early signs of water damage from moisture and dampness might be unnoticable to the naked eye but are slowly rotting your ceiling tiles. This can cause mold and bacteria and be costly to replace.

A good solution is to purchase waterproof PVC ceiling tiles. Genesis Ceiling Tiles are 100 percent waterproof, bacteria proof, rust and sag proof and are will also never have to be replaced. This can insure safety to you and your family and also seccure your investment when it comes time to sell. For more information on Genesis Ceiling Tiles visit

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