Ceiling Tiles and Floods

“PAWTUCKET – In Pawtucket’s City Hall there are buckets set up to catch dripping water, and ceiling tiles that are completely rotted through… creating quite an eyesore on the top floor.”

“Leaking and flooding have been issues under the building’s tower for years,  but now there’s an even bigger concern.”

“”Sinus problems, breathing issues, and headaches and so forth and so on,” said City Councilor Albert Vitali as he described the symptoms more than 10 city hall employees told him they have been experiencing.”

“He says they believe the health issues stem from mold.”

Hurricane season is slowly approaching and now is the time to upgrade your old ceiling tiles with our 100% waterproof tiles. They will never be damaged from water or harbor dangerous mold. newceilingtiles.com

Original Article: http://www.abc6.com/story/25265653/concern-after-flooding-in-pawtucket-city-hall

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