How-To Section

How-To: Installing Ceiling Tile Grid

Here is a simple how-to on installing ceiling grid. Our PVC grid is rust proof, water proof and easy to clean. The quicklock keyhole system makes for an easy installation much like traditional metal grid. After balencing and measuring the roof and determining the border tile sizes, snap chalk line alone the wall at the desired level of ceiling drop. Install the angled moulding along the chalk line:

Install the hanger wires every 2 feet on center where the mains will be installed and cut your first main for the border tile, measure in from the first keyhole and cut at the border dimension. Install the main along the first chalk line so that the keyhole is aligned with the intersecting border tile chalk line:

Contine to install the mains linking them by sliding the connector clip over the abutting ends of the mains, installing the subsequent mains 2 feet on center. When the mains are installed its time to snap in the cross T’s. The keyhole operation makes this process easy. With 2×2 layout the cross T’s are placed every 2 feet, and with a 2×4 tile system the cross T’s are placed every 4 feet. Just insert and push down to lock. When installing the teas make sure the bulb on the T is facing outward.For border areas just measure and cut the teas to legnth with your tin snips. With the cross T’s in place your ready to place your tiles in the grid and complete the job!


How-To: Installing Diverters and Deflectors


Our Deflectors are used to keep dirt and moisture from vents from blowing directly on your ceiling tiles causing them to get dirty and need cleaning.

To install a deflector simply push your vent up into the grid and out of the way. Next bring in your deflector at an angle making it easy to slide into the grid between the grid and vent. When you have the deflector in place, pull your vent back down securing the vent and deflector.


Our deflectors are 1 piece units and come in White and Black.


Installing Air Diverters:

Air Diverters are used to divert air from the vent in a specific direction that you want. They are applied the same way as the Deflectors. Our Diverters come in White and Black and Side to Side or Angle.

To install a side diverter simply place the lips into the grid directly over the vent in the direction you want to divert the air.

An angled diverter is done the same way, simply lap the lips into the gird directly over the vent in the angled direction you want to divert the air.

For more information on Air Diverters and Deflectors and product pricing visitNew Ceiling Tiles.

How-To: Installing Grid Covers

Our Grid Covers are very easy to install. There are two types of grid cover:

The Main Grid Covers come pre-notched to fit the cross T’s sections and and are 4′.


The Cross T’s covers come in 2′ and 4′ sections and are applied to fill in the gaps from the Main Grid Cover.

To apply covers on your grid simply snap the cover on with the wider lip first.


That’s all there is to it, for more information and where to purchase visit New Ceiling Tiles.

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